Classic Coating.

February 3, 2014

Classic Coating is a line of detailing wax products for those whom are interested in a high end product for their car. This item is privately sold through specific dealers such as classic car retailers or at classic car shows. I chose to use a sleek and neutral black as the basis of my color scheme which carries a subtle retro dot pattern throughout. Each individual coating container is made for a specific vehicle color. This introduced the use 4 more colors.

To illustrate the concept further and draw product interest, I brought in clever and catchy words or phrases from the 60’s and 70’s to describe each color. This was a memorable and unique way of labeling each container of wax. Gift kits are available for the consumer which include detailing wax, a key chain, an air freshener and a polisher.

  • Skills:Design  /  Illustration  /  Packaging