SDSU Filmmakers Showcase.

February 27, 2013

The SDSU Filmmakers Showcase is an annual event presented by the School of Theatre, Television and Film at San Diego State that screens undergraduate film work. The goal was to create an identity for this event that would be recognized by fellow students, staff and outside individuals ranging from age 18-65. The department wanted a logo that referenced film in a way that brought in interest of a more diverse audience. It was to illustrate the professionalism and refined energy of the student work.

My solution incorporates a circle which was inspired by the idea that film itself is a series of frames or parts creating the whole as well as the myriad of people involved in making one movie come alive. This is where I was able to push the brand, by bringing in the audience or potential spectators and being part of that process. This is visible within my promotional postcards and copy writing. My color palette was driven by the schools’ signature colors and then accented with bright complements of the red, neutral gray and black for contrast.